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Please excuse our site as we are currently under construction. We are trying our best to be up as soon as possible and encourage you to please keep checking back with us.

Mission Statement

Our mission has several components to it but the foremost basic is our goal of creating awareness and promoting acceptance of autism and advocate that people affected by autism are human beings deserving of life’s inclusion rather than exclusion, and to show that people with autism can make contributions to society in extraordinary ways.

Autism does not discriminate on individuals and occurs in all cities, in all countries, across the entire planet. The more of us who advocate, the better the movement forward is of understanding, acceptance and finding ways we can make things better.

What is the Blue Halo Project?

I founded the Blue Halo Project because being a parent of a child with high functioning autism, and having friends with children also affected, I noticed how unfriendly, challenging and non-inclusive the world can be with things like technology, entertainment, shopping, schools or traveling.

Some of the goals that the Blue Halo Project hopes to achieve are to showcase organizations, services, and assistive technologies that can be used to help in giving people with neuro and intellectual disabilities, such as autism, a better quality of life, as well as showcase inspiring achievements and milestones of individuals with autism.

As the Blue Halo Project branches out to other organizations both locally and internationally, it will create a huge opportunity to gauge how the world is changing in autism acceptance, services that exist, what organizations are doing, provide collaboration opportunities with organizations as well as learning of the challenges that are faced and helping to collectively find solutions.

Our Logo

The blue halo represents the world recognized color for autism while the halo itself represents all of the people who advocate in support of people with autism such as the parents, the service providers, teachers, researchers, tech and software developers, medical professionals, legislators and others.

Out and About

Chalk full of excitement! Founder and CEO, Steve Gossett, out having fun with his sons PCDA group in South Pasadena for SPEF Color Festival 2018 hosted by the South Pasadena Educational Foundation.

Pasadena Child Development Associates (PCDA) offers great services and do terrific and awesome things for children with neurodisabilities such as autism. For more information visit their Facebook page or the PCDA Team website.

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